E2R Weighing records keeps weighing records on Radwag scales
11.02.02 (See all)

E2R Weighing records module is successfully employed with keeping weighing records on Radwag scales and weighing systems connected into a network and configured in a computer data base. It is particularly useful in processes, where weighed foods are not combined directly to each other by data, and they are not involved in a weighing process with determined start and stop point (like transactions or production orders). E2R weighing records module is directed to customers in various industrial branches, like: meat, food-processing, chemical, fish, sugar and engineering.
- Collection of data;
- Weighing process monitoring;
- Labeling;
- Counting pieces;
- Report from performed weighing processes;
- Summing of weighing processes;
- Random filtering of collected data;
- Adding up of filtered data;
- Simplified reporting - standard reports with printing

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